L I F E Outreach Programs

To schedule one of these ready-made, informative and useful programs call the Office of Health Promotion at 458-4501 or e-mail jkaufman@wlu.edu.

BYOB: Bring Your Own Brain—A Power Point presentation that looks at myths surrounding alcohol consumption and the effects of high-risk drinking on learning and memory. This program takes cutting-edge neuroscience research and translates it into practical reality.

Alcohol 101—Attend an interactive party, make choice about drinking behavior and let the good times roll! See the consequences of high-risk drinking without having to personally experience the pitfalls and dangers of excessive drinking.

The BAC Educator—An interactive CD program that demonstrates how drinking affects individual BAC levels based on gender, weight, rate of drinking and choices an individual makes.

Breaking the Cycle—An interactive activity that looks at the concept of enabling and provides participants with the skills to speak up and confront a friend who is drinking in a high-risk way.

Beer Goggles—Interactive use of beer goggles simulates intoxication at .08. Effects of alcohol at various BAC’s will be discussed. Can be combined with any of the above alcohol programs.

Sexual Etiquette—Discussion about gender expectations in relationships, real-life stories about sexual decision-making including the “hooking-up” scene, provides a brief overview of methods of
contraception (including Condom Scramble!) and
resources available on campus.

Sex in the CD—An interactive adventure in exploring sexual health issues. It has three rooms; a nightclub (Club in the Mix), a bookstore (HIStories & HERstories) and a coffee house (Friends & Lovers).
Silent Epidemic—A power point presentation of the most common STD’s found on college campuses including W&L. Prevention is emphasized.

He Says, She Hears…She Says, He Hears
Discussion about meaning of consent—how consent is given and how it is heard. Looks at common situations on campus and how to avoid problems.

A Delicate Balance—Students who have experienced sexual assault share their stories. How does a student know if sexual misconduct has occurred when so often alcohol has been misused and there are no witnesses? The issues of consent and respect will be discussed.

Painful Encounters—Video discusses acquaintance rape at W&L. Discusses what to do if you or a friend is sexually assaulted and who can assist you.

Playing the Game—Video of date rape situation and the morning after. Perception differences between men and women are discussed.

The Mood/Food Connection—Looks at some of the issues young adults face as they struggle with eating issues. Provides positive ways to enjoy a healthy diet in a college setting.

Marijuana Myths—Powerpoint presentation which looks at myths surrounding marijuana use and the effects on learning, motor skills and the addiction potential.   

Create Your Own—Mix and match programs or ask for a program to meet your organization’s specific needs.

*Budget 1 hour per program to allow discussion time