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Can students at Washington and Lee eat healthy?  The good news is that the freshman fifteen is not inevitable.  With the right kinds of choices about the foods you are eating, along with a regular exercise program, college students can remain healthy.  All it takes is a little advance planning and some careful choices whether you are eating in the on-campus dining facilities, fraternity or sorority houses or cooking for yourself. 

Check out the food pyramid that you are used to seeing compared to the newer Healthy Eating Pyramid developed at Harvard School of Public Health.  The key is balancing exercise along with appropriate food choices.

Now that you have had a chance to study the newer way of thinking about eating remember it's also about:

portion sizes--a portion of meat is about the size of a deck of cards, 1 oz of cheese is about the size of your thumb, 1 oz of nuts or any snackfood = 1 handful, the tip of your thumb = 1 serving of mayonnaise or margarine

eating more fruits and veggies than you currently do---check it out---fruits 3-5x per day and unlimited veggies

complex carbs vs simple sugars is the way to go---choose whole grains whenever possible

eat the right kind of fats---vegetable oils and nuts vs. trans and saturated fats

physical activity on a daily basis---so if you are thinking about the Fitness Center or going out for a jog make it happen---budget it into your daily routine!

budget in the foods you really like to eat including ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, etc.  No food is off-limits---just watch the portion size and how often you eat it.

Campus Resources

Office of Health Promotion---brochures, books, etc.  Make an appointment to speak with a health educator about the choices you are making and the changes you would like to make to eat a healthier diet.

Student Health Center---a physician can help you evaluate any medical problems relating to cholesterol, weight and disordered eating.

Counseling Center---feeling like food is taking control of your life?  Talk to a counseling psychologist.

LIFE Peer Health Educators---they can get you going on the right path!


To learn more check out the following links:    loaded with info on healthy eating, dietary guidelines, supplements and much more   UCLA's SNAC (Student Nutrition and Body Image Action Committee)---lots of good info on healthy eating, sensible eating plans, diet and fitness and eating disorders.    don't let the diabetes throw you (it is just a healthy way for all of us to eat in general)---loaded with info on healthy eating including sample meal plans, serving sizes and much more in both the nutrition and education sections.    Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion---USDA guidelines, recipes, lots of good info, especially the Interactive Healthy Eating Index to analyze the quality of your diet!    American Dietetic Association---go to Healthy Lifestyle section for fact sheets everything from fiber to dieting to vegetarian eating.  Tim Wierman of Nutrition Educational Services teaches individuals and groups new dietary behaviors that may lead to better health and improved athletic performance. His manual is housed in the Athletic Training Office in Warner Gym.    Everything you would want to know about healthy vegetarian eating from the Vegetarian Resource Group    Find out all there is know about W&L Dining Services including meal plans and menus.  Tufts University Health and Nutrition Letter    Tufts University Nutrition Navigator---reviews good websites---you should be able to find anything of interest here


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